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Black Gram

Black Gram (vigna mungo)

Black Gram

Commonly called black gram, Vigna mungo is an old South Asian crop that is counted amongst the most coveted pulses in India. Vigna mungo, sometimes referred to as Black Gram, Urad Bean, Black Matpe, and Black Mung Bean, is an annual crop that can flourish in a variety of climates. Cooking is a method for its immature seed pods and seeds. Even the leaves have a good flavour.  

 It is widely used in Indian cooking. In India, black gram is a very common pulse crop farmed in Rabi and Kharif. It is widely grown in northern Bangladesh, Nepal, and southern India.


 The leaves are big, trifoliate, hairy, and tinted purple. The leaflets are oval and 5–10 cm long. An inflorescence has a cluster of five or six blooms at the top. Pods measure 4-6 cm in length and are cylindrical. Each pod has 4–10 dark brown or black seeds within.

Its common name is urd. There are two subspecies of the Vigna mungo.

mungo var. niger:

 It includes varieties which mature early and have bold and  black seeds.

mungo var. viridis: 

It includes varieties having longer maturity period. Seeds are small and green.

When cooked versus raw, it has different nutritional values. It has a high protein content of 25 g/100 g, as well as high quantities of potassium (983 mg/100 g), calcium (138 mg/100 g), iron (7.57 mg/100 g), niacin (1.447 mg/100 g), thiamine (0.273 mg/100 g), and riboflavin (0.254 mg/100 g) when consumed uncooked.The essential amino acids found in most grains are complemented by black gramme, which is a significant component of the diets of those in India and Nepal. Additionally, black gramme has a lot of folate (628 g/100 g raw, 216 g/100 g cooked).


Type Split, Whole
Purity 98% min
Packaging 25 KG and as per customer requirement
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