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Brown Chick Peas

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Brown Chick Peas

Brown peas, also known as Safed vatana or Safed matar, are made by harvesting green pea pods when they are fully grown, drying them, removing their skins, and then allowing them to naturally split. The peas’ rich green hue turns Brown or faintly yellowish-Brown when they are dried.
These dried peas have a more delicate flavor and are starchier, tougher, and more durable. Brown peas are an excellent, healthful, and nutrient-dense substitute for green peas because they aren’t constantly available.


Although Brown peas and chickpeas (garbanzo beans) are sometimes confused, they can be clearly recognized by one another by their small size, spherical form, and Brown hue. The larger ones are also slightly brown or yellow in color. Brown peas are in the same family as beans and lentils, but because of how they are processed, they are placed in a different category.


Peas are a good source of protein, 16 g per cup. Brown pea also supplies at least a quarter of the recommended amounts of thiamine, folic acid, iron, copper, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, and magnesium per day. A 1-cup serving of beans contains 255 calories and 1,1 g of fat.


Moisture 12 – 14% Max
Weeviled Seeds 0.2% Max
Packaging 25 KG and as per customer requirement
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