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Turmeric Powder

We never compromise on quality or quantity when making our natural turmeric products. We have our own cutting-edge manufacturing facilities where we use the turmeric that we raise on our own in farms and fields. At the factory, this natural raw material is carefully handled and put through a thorough process of refinement to produce the hygienic final product. To create the cleanest procedures and guarantee the best environment throughout the washing and drying operations. We produce a hygienic and nutritious end product, and the dried raw turmeric undergoes a thorough procedure.


Most turmeric is imported as a whole rhizome, which flavour houses and the industrial sector subsequently process into powder or oleoresin. Rhizomes appear as splits, fingers, and bulbs. 

Splits are bulbs that have been sliced into halves or quarters before curing, whereas fingers are the secondary branches from the mother rhizome, the bulb. 

The fingers, which measure 2 to 8 cm long and 1 to 2 cm wide and are less difficult to ground than the more fibrous splits and bulbs, are more expensive.

The Indian Ministry of Agriculture's Agmark guidelines refer to a clean snap as having a "metallic twang" when broken.

 Other indicators of rhizome quality include having a clean and smooth skin, uniform skin and flesh colours, and a clean snap.

Rhizomes are cut and crushed into small pieces during the grinding process, and the resulting powder is then sieved through a series of screens with varying mesh sizes to achieve the desired level of fineness. 

The temperature at which the turmeric is ground should be as low as possible for the best quality of powder. Our grinding mill regulates the temperature to preserve the curcumin concentration and volatile flavour and fragrance ingredients. 

However, after being ground, the powder is put through a variety of mesh screens until it becomes a fine powder. For individuals who buy turmeric powder, this is a huge deal.

1) Foreign substance sorting equipment,


2) A magnetic sorting device.


Any type of contamination, including but not limited to metallic substances, small papers, string, vinyl, hair, and small stones, is filtered by the foreign substance sorting system. In the first stage, it isolates implications larger than 0.5 mm and eliminates impurities smaller than 0.5 mm.

When someone buys turmeric powder, it is packaged in a 20 kg air-tight paper bag with an inside layer of polyethene. Therefore, bags are kept out of the light and in dry storage to preserve their quality.


Turmeric Powder Finger / Bulb
Moisture 10- 12% Max
Curcumin 2 – 3% Max
Packaging 25 KG and as per customer requirement
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