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Yellow Pigeon Peas

Pigeon peas are legumes with the scientific name Cajanus cajan.They belong to the Fabaceae family and are a particular variety of tropical pea seed. These peas are frequently ground into flour or combined with other grains, such as corn or sorghum, to make bread.

Pigeon peas’ rich blend of protein, minerals, vitamins, organic compounds, dietary fibre, antioxidants, and other specific components contribute to their positive impact on human health. Because it thrives in harsh environments, dries quickly, and can be conserved for a long time, the plant is highly prized in some dry regions.


Toor dal is mostly produced in India, where 3.9 million acres are set aside for the production of pigeon peas. Due of the plant's resistance to drought, it can be grown in regions with little rainfall. Toor dal is grown separately or in mixtures with other grains, legumes, and cereals like peanuts. Pigeon peas and the Rhizobia bacteria linked to toor dal have a symbiotic interaction that helps fix nitrogen in the soil. Three to nine distinct seeds, which can be any shade of white, cream, yellow, or purple, are contained in flat, sickle-shaped pods. Pods measure 5 to 9 cm. Pigeon peas can grow to a height of 0.5 m to 4.0 m and can be harvested for up to five years; however, after the first two years, yields drastically decline.

Contains Beneficial Protein-Rich Folate

Blood pressure is regulated by vitamin B complex, which also improves intestinal health and increases iron absorption.

Manages BMI Beneficial for Diabetics

improves body defences

strengthens bones


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Moisture 15%
Foreign Materials 0.50%
Admixture (max) 0.50% (max)
Size 2mm, 3mm
Packaging 25 KG and as per customer requirement
Color Yellow
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